Sherwyn ‘Terrance’ Williams New Visual Project


Sherwyn ‘Terrance’ Williams takes on yet another visual project with his first ever children’s book The Adventures of Jada, Attack of Lady Gluten alongside long-time colleague Anastasia Tomkin. Known for his photographic work, he recalls wanting to put forth illustrations and cartoons for a long time.

” As far as I can remember, I’ve always been in-love with movies, cartoons and storytelling in general. My younger years were spent daydreaming and coming up with characters, which in many ways served as my great escape. Being my usual ‘can’t sit still’ self, creating these characters and adventures came quite organically. I made sure to use my surroundings and everyday life to create the world that we did. I’ve always wanted to bring something to kids visually.”

Anastasia shares a similar love for children and storytelling. She recalls telling stories as a child to her neighbours’ kids through their fence. Not predicting that this skill would actually come in handy years later when approached to help write Jada’s first adventure. Teaming up would come easily for the pair as they would have shared sets together for photo-shoots.

“Working with Anastasia has always been fun! I was stoked when she actually agreed to take on this project! You know, I’m learning that input is never a negative thing. Her contribution has been life-changing for this project. Given that I took on all of the illustrating myself, knowing that I had support in the writing area was ideal.”

Sherwyn ‘Terrance’ Williams

Spending a girthy three-month period creating the first book, with a foundation set as far back as 2013.

Sherwyn stresses that Jada was conceptualized in the year 2013 and only recently rooted into her very own adventures. Created in his spare time, he used his environment and took inspiration from his siblings and cousins. It’s evident that Jada’s world and purpose is simply to be a child and thrive within her imagination but he doesn’t shy away from what she represents.

“When I created these stories and characters, there were no thoughts of pushing any underlined motives. I created purely based on what I knew and my culture. This story is inclusive organically and without any stunt or hidden agenda. I simply want to bring enjoyable and fun stories. I think you can look exactly as you do and have an active imagination or express yourself just the same. The Adventures of Jada is definitely a reminder that someone that looks like my little sister or brother can be creative and adventurous and sassy! As a kid growing up, I wanted nothing more than to be a part of those great adventures I religiously viewed on television and I hope to give kids around me that same feeling and it’s now in an even more relatable way. I hope Jada’s personality and out-going nature can spark something within our readers and possibly be their great escape.”

Jada’s first adventure is available now on amazon kindle and paperback!

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