Stepping into Your Aligned Energy


Follow up to: “7 Tips on Setting & Pursuing Your BOLD Goals for the Year”

If your upbringing was anything like mine, you were brought up thinking that it’s normal to struggle. You would have watched your parents, uncles and aunties, and just assumed that everything in life is supposed to be challenging. You have to work hard to make a living, only the strong survive, nothing in life comes easy. Only “people with money” get all the luck.

I lived with that mindset well into my adult years. The burdens that I endured during my journey and the emotional baggage that came with it kept me living in a cage of fear. They held be back from thinking that I deserved love, that I could run my own business, that I could increase my earning potential, and most important, they kept me from thinking that I could impact the world.

I experienced bullying, depression and anxiety. I spent quite a number of years living in a dark place and asking “Why me?”, “What have I done to deserve all of this?” I was angry with the world and ashamed of myself.  I thought the answer to my questions resided outside of me. I went looking to books, videos, podcasts, self-help gurus—you name it and I tried it.

But it wasn’t until I realized that I was living out of alignment -this is when my transformation started to unfold.

Alignment brings your heart, soul and mind on the same path. It’s when your actions and behavior line up with what you say you really want in life. When you are aligned you trigger the right thoughts and emotions, enabling you to focus and take action on what matters to you the most. Alignment amplifies your vibration, your energy. When you are in full alignment the Universe co-creates with you at lighting speed!

An example of being in alignment would be having a positive, self-affirming way of thinking such as “anything is possible”, or “I deserve to experience everything I desire” even though things are not going as planned.

Your positive thoughts become positive actions and your cup starts to overflow with abundance. You become one of the “those people” with all the luck.

Now let’s talk about misalignment.

Misalignment is a feeling that can stem from doubt, fear, shame, old values, beliefs, thoughts of unworthiness and old tapes from the past that can get in the way of your vibration.

Let’s say you need some extra income this month to pay off credit cards. When you are out of alignment, you start giving most of your attention to the “absence” of money. You become focused on being in debt, being broke or needing money. When you think about money, you only think how much of it you don’t have, which only makes you feel bad.

With misalignment, whatever it is that you don’t want, trickles more and more into your life—only leaving you feeling even more off track.

Since you are thinking about being in debt, the Universe provides—you guessed it, even more debt to come your way.

But life doesn’t have to be a struggle.

If you find yourself repeating the same negative thoughts and narratives—the kind that we all grew up with—you might be operating from your subconscious brain, aka your “Conditioned/Past Self.”

In order to get in alignment, you need to co-create your “Future Self” aka the you who will meet your goals and be confident in knowing you deserve everything you desire.

In order to step into your aligned energy—complete the steps below to re-set your mind and start the process of co-creating your “Future Self.”

  1. Identify the thoughts, emotions, actions and behavior that you find yourself consistently displaying daily. What are some of your thoughts or behavior when you are in alignment with your best self? Also make note of what makes you feel NOT in alignment. When you do good stuff that raise your vibrations and allow you to feel happy, you are in alignment. When things take your energy, you are out of alignment. Do more of the good and less of the energy-sucking things in your life.
  2. Everything in your subconscious is a reflection of what you truly believe about yourself and your life. In order to step into your aligned energy and create your “Future Self”, start affirming simple phrases or words in present tense. “I AM Worthy of my dreams and my desires”, “Everything and everyone is working on my behalf”, “My opportunities are increasing daily. I AM surrounded by love, abundance and great energy.” As reminded by Napoleon Hill, “Whatever the mind can conceive, the mind can achieve.”
  3. Practice gratitude by saying “Thank you to the Universe” for the different things in your life. From waking up the morning to your kids, to all your material blessings, an attitude of gratitude is the quickest way to step into your aligned energy.

In the grand scheme of things, we can’t control everything that happens in life. Stepping into your aligned energy doesn’t mean you’ll never face any of life’s challenges and hardships. But you can control how you react to life’s events. When you are aligned and allow things to be as they are, you open yourself up to unlimited happiness and co-creation with the Universe. You allow yourself to “see” and explore the many solutions available to you in the Universe.  Allow life to be your teacher, allow the unpleasant feelings to be your teacher, guiding you along your true path.

Karlyn Percil

Karlyn is the Founder of SisterTalk Group – a certified Neuro- Success & Emotional Intelligence Coach, Elephant Storyteller & Mindset Mentor. A former Bay Street leader, who worked in the Technology and Operations field for over 23 years. An immigrant from St.Lucia, Karlyn has been a Toronto native since 2000. She has appeared on OWN TV & Oprah’s Lifeclass numerous times, featured on CNN Money, the Globe & Mail’s Report on Business & was named as one of the top 150 Black Women To Watch In Canada. She is a Guest expert on Cityline, North America’s longest running daytime show for women.  To learn more about Karlyn visit