Summer Luvin’ Gel Nail Ideas

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As the temperatures heat up, you may be looking to show up and show out when it comes to those spontaneous trips to the beach, weekend getaways with your crew, and cookout reunions with family and friends. There is no better way to show off a little summer heat than with your nails! The best thing about nails is that you can experiment with colors, shapes, and other details to leave your nails looking amazing without having to stick with something permanent. You can even make sure your nails are complementing your outfit!

Not sure what gel nails to try this season? There are so many options, we don’t blame you! Luckily, we have done our research and looked into some of the hottest trends that are making an appearance this season when it comes to nails. Here are some of our favorite gel nail ideas when it comes to beating the heat in the summer and showing off a little pop of color, too!

        Add A Pop of Coral![1]

The hot summer months make people want to gravitate toward warm, fiery tones for their next manicure session. Coral is the perfect balance between warm and neon, which is also another go-to tone for many! Adding a pop of coral to your nails will have you ready to show off on the next beach trip with your girlfriends!

Add a Fresh Squeeze of Citrus![2]

It’s safe to say we all picture our summers with a lot of fun, maybe even a refreshing drink or two in hand as well! Since summer will often call for warm pops of color, hopping on the citrus nails trend can leave your hands summer ready. Think of bright greens, yellows, and oranges when you are doing your nails next time, and you will feel ready for whatever the warm season brings!


        Hot Hot Pink![3]

If you are looking for something a little more eye-catching than coral for your summer nails, try going with a hot pink color! Hot pink is fun, bright, and attention-grabbing. Everything about this neon color screams summer, so you will be ready to hit all the fun summer activities as soon as your nails are ready!

        Swirl It Up![4]

There is something about a swirl design on nails that reminds us of lounging by the pool. Perhaps it reminds us of the swirls of the pool water? Swirl nail designs add a fun pop to your regular nail routine, and you can mix a number of bright neons and other summery colors to amp up your nails even more.


        Pool Blue For the Pool!

We may have stayed thinking about the pool on a hot summer day, but a vibrant pool blue for your nails may be the way to go! Blue is a classic color that many may not immediately think about for summer, but as far as trends go, pool blue nails are making a big appearance in hot temperatures, and we don’t mind this at all.[5]


        Upside-Down French Mani

A French manicure never goes out of style, but if you’re looking to experiment with your nails this summer season, an upside-down French manicure may be the perfect pick for you! This is the perfect nail style if you are looking for something with a little pop of color that is still on the minimalist side.


        Multicolored Nails![6]

Sometimes you just can’t pick between colors, and that is perfectly fine. Luckily, multicolored nails have become a steadily growing trend this season. Pick all vibrant colors such as the inspiration above, or pick a few bright colors with a neutral tone here and there. The key to getting the perfect multicolored nail look is still making sure the nails on your other hand match as well.



        Warm Neutral Nails![7]

Some people are not neon people, and so this idea is for you. Warm neutrals are not just meant for the fall or winter season. In fact, you’d be surprised to know many people enjoy warm neutrals for summer. And the fact is, warm neutrals even work during this season as well! Pick your favorite neutral color, and if you want to do a little experimenting with it, consider an upside-down French manicure or alternate between neutrals and a brighter color as well for multicolored nails!



        Barely-There Nails!

If you are looking for something a bit less attention-grabbing, but still want sleek gel nails that make you feel put-together, barely-there nails may be just what you need. This look is perfect for those who want something more neutral, without compromising the sleek and clean look of gel nails. You can accessorize with your favorite rings and let your nails do the talking, without having to go for neon colors! Barely-there nails are a laidback nail style that many women are choosing for their next summer get-together!

When it comes to summer, you want to experiment with bold or fun new looks. If you’re not much of a huge experimenter, your nails will always be a fun option to try out trends and other color ideas. The ideas mentioned above are some of the biggest trends this summer, so you can have fun with sleek gel nails that are colorful, trendy, and bold! Which gel nail idea are you choosing?