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THE DIGITAL BOSS BABE PODCAST is the first show of its kind geared toward the education, development, and empowerment of Caribbean women entrepreneurs who are ready to build their personal brand and have a thriving online business. 


Since its launch in January 2019, the show possesses a global listenership with loyal subscribers. The show puts a spotlight on Caribbean digital boss babes alongside global influencers who support the show’s mission of expanding the online business space for Caribbean women. They include US$6-figure business owners and experts in the field of sales, branding, intellectual property, content development, and social media marketing.


Offering more than just business strategies, the show acts as a virtual sister-circle that teaches women how to develop the right money mindset to facilitate an energy shift that leads to a purposeful and passion-filled life and business.


The boss babe behind the mic

Gizelle Riley — international brand storyteller and online business coach from sunny Jamaica created THE DIGITAL BOSS BABE PODCAST when she noticed a sizeable gap in the market.  “When I started my online business it was a very confusing time. I got inundated with information from Google and other sources but found that there were very few stories and advice with a Caribbean perspective. This told me that there were not many Caribbean women with online businesses, and that the ones who did have one did not have a platform to shine and share their valuable expertise on a regular basis. I knew that I had to do something to fix that, and so THE DIGITAL BOSS BABE PODCAST was born.”


There’s magic when women come together

Gizelle credits the show’s success to the support of her guests. “Since I started this journey I have met the most phenomenal women you can imagine. I get fired up with each conversation because of these powerful and positive boss babes. The best part is knowing that other women from across the world are benefiting from that same energy and business acumen”.


Get to know some of the phenomenal women from some of the show’s top-rated episodes.



Tami Chin Mitchell

Tami Chin Mitchell is one of those fun women you read about in magazines — she’s wise beyond her years, always down to belt out an infectious laugh, and you always seem to end up feeling good about yourself after you’ve had one of those meaningful conversations on the couch over hot cocoa. As a wife, mother, business owner, podcaster, and social media influencer — this creative Jamaican entrepreneur challenges the status quo by accepting all her gifts and shows other women how to use their own to design a complete life.



Terri Wade

Terri Wade knows everything there is to know about how to build a thriving online community. Operating from Silicon Valley, Terri is a certified business and life coach as well as the founder of the popular membership site the Lady Entrepreneur Society. She helps female entrepreneurs across the world grow their business with proven personal development tools to build confidence backed by sound business strategies to help grow their audience and income.



Monique Russell

This Bahamian boss babe is an executive communication coach and the managing partner of Clear Communication Solution, LLC.  She is also an online business owner offering a range of development courses for women leaders through her Clear Communication Institute learning portal. As a global speaker and certified life coach with a high-vibe personality, Monique Russell is revolutionizing the way we look at professional and personal development.



Em Ducharme

This former model turned digital marketing guru is a business strategist, creative marketing coach, and passionate writer. She has travelled to over 40 countries, speaks multiple languages, and is obsessed with helping women find the confidence they need to crush every area of their life. This French-Canadian boss babe’s 6-month group coaching programme FROM ZERO TO CEO teaches women how to think, act, and make bank like a CEO. When she’s not sleeping, you can find Em on Instagram stories sharing bits of her life.



Danneill Laird

This creative entrepreneur is an excellent example of what it takes to balance a side-hustle while having a full-time job. Danneill is the self-taught artist, founder and CEO of the Jamaican lifestyle brand Ashley Laird Designs. Starting her business on Etsy back in 2016, she has expanded her line of unique products which include personalized pillows, towels and limited edition jewellery to the world of brick and mortar while maintaining her digital boss babe status.



Elise Maisonneuve 

Elise Maisonneuve is a US$6-figure mentor and success coach based in Australia who helps driven women start and scale their purpose-based business. This effervescent laptop lady helps women move past the overwhelm so that they can finally get their message out to the people who need to hear it while bringing in the clients and cash they desire.



Rachelle-Ann Louear

Trinidadian boss babe and the Unlocked Coach Rachelle Ann-Louear teaches how women entrepreneurs can develop a growth mindset to unlock their true potential so that they can realize the vision they have for their lives, careers or businesses. She’s a certified NLP practitioner and works on helping these women get clear on their zone of genius and develop self-mastery in the area of productivity, habits and routines.



Janette Brin

This list would not be complete without the quintessential Caribbean boss babe Janette Brin. Janette leads the POSHgirl movement without breaking a sweat. You just can’t help but be amazed and motivated by Janette — she’s as real as they come. The gentle tone of her voice belies the true strength and ingenuity of this Caribbean woman. As the founder and owner of Caribbean POSH magazine, the creator of the POSHgirl fragrance, the POSHtalk TV series, and the POSHgirl Power Brunch, this British Virgin Islands beauty celebrates other Caribbean women who are making an impact using every platform at her disposal.


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