The Sexiest Beauty Pop Up activation at HFW


The Fashion and Beauty industry is being redefined to reflect the impact of an increasing global awareness. Diversity, and inclusion along all lines continue to be an evolving frontier. Attendees at Harlem Fashion Week got an opportunity to experience one of the brands poised to make a huge impact on the beauty industry. Among the brands represented at HFW was the new lipstick line The Sexiest Beauty.

Company founder Heather Fink has been developing world-class beauty products for some of the most sophisticated, provocative, edgy, fashion-forward brands in the world for over 25 years. Heather was the lead on teams at Victoria’s Secret Beauty, MAC, Essie, bebe and Agent Provocateur. The result was the creation of some of the most iconic products in the beauty industry. Now Heather Fink is using her talents to bring a positive message to the industry with her new lipstick brand The Sexiest Beauty. TSB believes that sexy is a state of mind and actions. “We embrace the unconventionally, daringly, uniquely beautiful.  Sexy is doing it your own unique way!”

On September 8th, The Sexiest Beauty presented a Pop Up activation during Harlem Fashion Week. Guests attending the shows were able to experience “Sexy Lip Service”. Not only did they get to try the brand, they were also invited to participate in a video promotion campaign. Guests were asked to “speak their sexy” in the form of the causes, and passions that define who they are. The activation was a complete success with guests and even some of the models visiting TSB set. The women who chose to participate in the video promotion reflected the global message of TSB. Women from Jamaica, Bangladesh, Puerto Rico and various parts of the U. S. all brought their unique truths about beauty

The Sexiest Beauty honors the concept of inner beauty enhancing what we see out the outside.  Heather Fink is a firm believer in her company’s potential to have a positive effect on the concept of beauty and the beauty industry.

“We are People-Positive, Sex-Positive, Body-Positive, Beauty-Positive for all races, all ages, all genders, all countries of origin, all sexual orientations. You are Human ergo you are Sexy.”

Go Forth, Speak your Truth.  Live life to its Sexiest!

Makeup: DNicole
Photos: Roy Anthony Morrison