The Style Evolution of Dancehall Artist Shenseea

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Shenseea has a blueprint when it comes to diversifying her star portfolio. And it’s through a synergy of music and fashion. Here, we feature her rise in the ranks, look by look courtesy of her go-to stylist, Kris Fe!

Shenseea in SS22 Marc Jacobs for the VMAS / credit: Instagram

What is obvious in this star-making turn as of late is that Shenseea understands just how important visual identity and branding are for a young artist and she has proceeded accordingly. Over the last year or so, she has been a fashion beast on the red carpets in her industry, and stamped a claim for clout when she appeared in a futuristic ensemble from Marc Jacobs’ Spring 2022 collection. Styled by Kris Fe for the night, Shenseea captivated the audience in a year that saw her nominated for ‘Push Performance of the Year’ for her collaboration with rapper 21 Savage, ‘R U That’.

If this was the beginning, then what she recently released into the world proves she has truly arrived…

And the pop star kept the hits coming just as much as the looks this past year…
Caribbean Posh laid witness to the escalation, outfit by outfit. Believe that!

Learn Her Name,

Learn Her Looks

If you don’t know who Shenseea is, then you soon will. The pop star has been on a meteoric rise over the last few years, and as her star continues to ascend, she has forced the industry to recognize her talents beyond the dancehall and give her flowers for her efforts to pursue pop music in a similar vein of her childhood idol, the iconic Rihanna. 

She achieved recognition in the music industry thanks to her chart-topping track ‘Loodi’ which featured frequent collaborator Vybz Kartel. Shenseea swiftly ascended to stardom within the realms of dancehall and reggae music, establishing a reputation for her infectious tunes and captivating stage presence. Following her initial breakthrough, Shenseea has consistently unveiled new music and engaged in collaborations with a diverse array of artists, spanning both domestic and international realms. With her mission clear, the 27-year-old has made inroads into becoming a crossover pop act. To that end, Shenseea has kept momentum on her side with her sonic contributions and is skillfully maneuvering through the world of fashion as well. Since teaming up with stylist Kris Fe, there has been a clear elevation of her style, and her fans have signed on for the plethora of sartorial serves and tantalizing looks that the Kingston native is presenting both at home and at international events. 

Who is the Woman Behind the Beauty Glow-Up?

Once Shenseea decided to upgrade her style at an attempt for global domination, she turned to none other than renowned L.A.-based stylist Kris Fe, who is celebrated within the industry for giving her clients singular looks that speak to their characters and resonate with their fans. Her work has been featured in music videos and spotted on red carpets worldwide on celebrities from all areas of entertainment. And her collaborations with Shenseea have been nothing short of sartorial genius. And at the recent New York Fashion Week, the two debuted design brilliance that still has everyone talking!

Shenseea Takes New York Fashion Week By Storm

September 7-13th can be called a lot of things, but one of them?

Shenseea’s ‘Coming Out Party’.

Because the starlet didn’t just show up, but showed out in a slew of looks that were giving body, confidence, and bling!

Shenseea in Sami Miro Vintage / credit: Instagram

In a look that hit them coming and going, Shenseea’s hit up Fashion Week with a devastating first look fresh from the Sami Miro collection. The vintage full body mesh dress showed off every curve and left little to the imagination. Kris Fe did what she does best by elevating the look even further with zipper detailing strewn at the nape and along the rear – a daring outfit that few could have pulled off!

Next up?

Shenseea in Lapointe / credit: Instagram

Shenseea had them green with envy in a design by Lapointe. The metallic jersey sarong dress from the label’s 2023 fall collection kept the drama ramped up with its asymmetric neckline, waist-high slit, rusching details, and column silhouette. Seated front row during the brand’s runway presentation, it was impossible to ignore Shenseea in the stunning number, and the paparazzi loved every inch of the design.

And the pop star was just getting started!

With a keen eye on expanding her image in every direction, Shenseea showed the world that she knows how to mix it up, with her next look celebrating street chic wear courtesy of Tommy Hilfiger!

Wearing the designer from head to toe, Shenseea had fans reminiscing over Hilfiger’s collaboration more than 20 years ago with pop princess Aaliyah, who brought the brand to prominence within the hip hop community. Adorned in the label’s signature varsity jacket, high-waist relaxed fit jeans, and logo bikini peeking out underneath, the look was the epitome of ‘street, but chic’.

And then it was off to her day job!

Shenseea capped off the week as a presenter at the MTV Video Music Awards at the Prudential Centre, holding court with some of the biggest names in the music industry, and inching ever so closer herself into becoming a household name like that other Caribbean sensation. 

And THAT is how you maximize your profile through music and fashion. For a year of re-invention, Shenseea deserves a round of applause across the board. 

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