What to do when you can’t ‘wait too long’ in a Long-Distance Relationship

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Let’s face it, when it comes to the three-letter ‘s’ word, we love to have it, but we hate talking about it in a healthy way.

I mean without it none of us will be on this earth, but still, there is so much reservation and ‘taboo’ about the subject that we just refuse to acknowledge it until we are behind closed doors with curtains pulled…well, most of us anyway. I’m not talking about the souls who put their personal lives on public display.

But, getting back to my point, when I first created my business, I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted people to be ‘satisfied’ in every sense of the word and we needed a woman at the helm directing the conversations to ensure that we talk about the things that matter. But, because of how we operate here in the Caribbean, I needed to create a safe space to have that conversation and offer discrete access to the tools needed.

This is when Intimate Affairs was born. No more walking through crowded malls with your pride in your hands, I created a space where we women can proudly demand what we need when we need it, and in a space with no judgment or ridicule.

Speaking of demand, I have a question for you…how do you respectfully request what you need when your significant other is physically unavailable?

You know what I mean. You love them…You want them but they’re unfortunately not around. Maybe they’re overseas on a too long business trip or they’ve moved far away for months on end…you know what you want, but how can you get it when they’re soooooo far away?

Well, hun, me and technology are your best friends in this situation. You two love birds that used to depend on the mail, a phone call, or on that planned trip to see each other and spend time together no longer have to wait that long. Things have changed so much and, luckily, this has created a lot more possibilities for you to stay intimate even from a distance. Here are some tricks

  • Plan romantic virtual dates. Once you feel connected on an intimate level, sex tends to become more intense, more natural, and so much better whether right next to each other or over a phone.
  • Try phone sex or sexting- If you are up for it, engage in “dirty talk” and tell your partner how much you want them, where you want them, and describe exactly what they are making you do to yourself.
  • A step further would be Skype/FaceTime. Here you can both watch videos together and get a bit kinky in front of each other. Maybe take it up a notch and include some toys in the session.
  • Depending on how naughty you are, send some pictures rated M for Mature all the way to XXX.  Tease your partner and tell them how much you want them and miss them. (Practice safety in this though because the last thing you want is a picture of you in all your glory circulating in the cyber world).
  • There are app-controlled vibrators now. Super popular and trendy, they have become a must-have for couples in long-distance relationships. One partner can have the vibrator and the other partner controls it from a remote location from their phone. One of the easiest ways to stay connected on an intimate level and keep that spark alive in the bedroom. Oh, and if you think that owning a toy makes you some sort of deviant, then let me tell you that it does nothing of the sort. You are an empowered girl! Own it!
  • Surprise your partner with a visit:  Imagine their “surprise” face and the enjoyment that will come when they see you. This for sure will show them how committed you are to the relationship. You can even sneak sexy notes into their suitcase before they leave you.
  • Share movie scenes, erotic novels, or anything that may turn you on, or even send them packages of your sexy underwear or send them toys or lingerie that you may want them to try on themselves in front of you.

The world is definitely changing, and we women have to change with it. It’s not about denying yourself because of what others might think, it’s all about having meaningful healthy conversations so you can get what you need to live a more fulfilled life.

Ronna Zamora (CEO & Founder, Intimate Affairs) – contributed

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